Last Wednesday most people were celebrating Valentine’s Day with that special someone. However, this was not the only celebration taking place this year on that day. February 14 was also the beginning of the Church season of Lent. It is marked with the service of Ash Wednesday. Lent is the 40 days before Easter (not counting Sunday’s) where we recognize the significance of the Cross and the death of Jesus Christ in our lives. Usually during this season Christians all over the world fast, pray, read scripture, and repent. It is also a season of reconciliation as we invite people who have fallen away from the Church to return and be reconciled. I always find it interesting that more Christians do not celebrate this season. Read More

Good Blog from Dr. Watson…

Have you ever noticed that Paul rarely talks about Satan? Jesus, particularly in the Synoptic Gospels, engages Satan directly or indirectly quite often. Paul does not. The role that many Christians assign to Satan, Paul seems to assign to Sin. To be clear, he isn’t so interested in particular sins (though he does address these […]

via Sin, Depravity, Calvin and Wesley: Trying to Make Sense of This Stuff — David F. Watson

God and Fences 2

Most of the fences that we built were replacing old fences. You see the thing about old fences is that they were built at a different time with different materials. The old fence is warn out and broken down. An old fence has trouble performing the duty that it was created for. They just loose their function. Which is the reason we were called out. The owner of the land wanted a new fence, so they called us out to build one. Before we could build a new fence we had to clean up the old fence. Read More

God and Fences 1…

I started a new sermon series this week and thought I would post the sermons each week. It is called “God and Fences: Our lives in the hands of the Builder.” I hope you enjoy, of course the sermons are not verbatim, but you get the jest…

Back in 2002 I was led by the Spirit of God to take a break from college and move in with my aunt in Elida, NM. I had not yet responded completely to the grace that God has given me, but I knew that if I was going to seek God I could not do it in college where all my sinful stumbling blocks would be in front of me. During this journey of seeking God, I found myself in a job of building fences. I was hired by a Father-Son operation. Lyn (Chub), his son Wade and I would build fence all over eastern New Mexico. From sun up to sun down we built fences, mostly barbed wire fences, but occasionally we did other kinds. Looking back on these experiences I find myself finding connections between building fences and God working in our lives. For that reason for the next 5 weeks I will be discussing these connections I have found. This week I would like to talk about corner posts. Read More

UMC General Confernece/The Prodigal Son

My dad told me once, that “God works with our decisions.” What an interesting concept, but an important one. In this one statement my dad expressed both the pain and the hope that comes with our choices. I bring this up because as a pastor in the United Methodist Church (UMC) I must consider the hard choices that are tearing the church apart. Read More

Pulling Teeth…

Last week I had three wisdom teeth extracted. It was not fun. For those who have never had their wisdom teeth extracted I suggest to avoid it if at all possible. For a whole week I ran fever and my face was swollen. I did not get sick, but I am definitely sick of my mouth hurting. Of course my pain and decreased considerably, but I am still reminded of what happened every time I eat or drink. The weirdest thing I am getting used to is being able to fill the holes that were in my mouth with my tongue. I started thinking about this process and it reminds me of how God deals with the sin in our lives. My question I have for you is, have you allowed God to pull your teeth? Read More