Butler, Therapist, Pastor, Friend???

As a pastor I come across and hear about a lot of problems in people’s lives and in the world. As a pastor I not only have to preach about God’s love, but also be the example of that love toward everyone. Of course that is nothing to complain about, in fact I love doing that. I could not see myself doing anything else. However, being a pastor is also one of the most misunderstood and abused roles in the world. In fact if I was to be truly transparent it is also one of the most lonely. Nothing brings me more joy than to be a pastor AND nothing creates in me a sense of worthlessness than being a pastor. Continue reading “Butler, Therapist, Pastor, Friend???”


Light in the Darkness…

One of my favorite things for this time of year is the lights that people put up to decorate their houses. Let’s face it, winter time can be a time of darkness. The days get shorter and the nights get longer, not to mention it gets colder. It can be a very depressing time for us. However, when we decorate for Christmas we put up lights. For me, colored lights are my favorite. My family never put up one color, we put up the multi-colored lights. I like to think that having different colored lights helps us to see the beauty that God has created. Continue reading “Light in the Darkness…”

Advent Patience…

As a child, it seemed like Christmas took forever to get here. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was some of the most exciting times in my life. The expectation of decorating the house, the tree, and for my life the church were all signs that Christmas was coming. This meant time off from school and of course presents. I am sure that all of us as children, once or twice, tried to sneak a peek at our gifts under the tree to see what we were getting. Christmas could not get here fast enough. However, no matter how much I prayed or wanted it to, Christmas would come when the time was right, no matter how long it took. Continue reading “Advent Patience…”

God and Fences 3

When we went out and built fences we did not worry about the terrain. In fact it did not matter what the terrain looked like. No matter how the land moved up and down, or how rocky and soft it was we were going to build a fence. Of course Wade and I were the brute force of the team and Chub was the brains. Every post that we drove was done with a 50 pound post driver. We would stick the t-post into the ground and Chub would line it up with where the fence was going. Then we would place the post driver over the t-post and start pounding. You might think that two big men wielding a 50 pound post driver would have no problem driving in a t-post 2-3 feet. However you would be wrong. In eastern New Mexico we have this lovely soil/rock called caliche. Caliche is a hard sedimentary rock that is used to help bind other materials and rock together. It is really hard rock. Around my home town of Elida there is a huge strip of caliche next to the surface and to build anything takes a lot of work and effort. Continue reading “God and Fences 3”

God and Fences 2

Most of the fences that we built were replacing old fences. You see the thing about old fences is that they were built at a different time with different materials. The old fence is warn out and broken down. An old fence has trouble performing the duty that it was created for. They just loose their function. Which is the reason we were called out. The owner of the land wanted a new fence, so they called us out to build one. Before we could build a new fence we had to clean up the old fence. Continue reading “God and Fences 2”

God and Fences 1…

I started a new sermon series this week and thought I would post the sermons each week. It is called “God and Fences: Our lives in the hands of the Builder.” I hope you enjoy, of course the sermons are not verbatim, but you get the jest…

Back in 2002 I was led by the Spirit of God to take a break from college and move in with my aunt in Elida, NM. I had not yet responded completely to the grace that God has given me, but I knew that if I was going to seek God I could not do it in college where all my sinful stumbling blocks would be in front of me. During this journey of seeking God, I found myself in a job of building fences. I was hired by a Father-Son operation. Lyn (Chub), his son Wade and I would build fence all over eastern New Mexico. From sun up to sun down we built fences, mostly barbed wire fences, but occasionally we did other kinds. Looking back on these experiences I find myself finding connections between building fences and God working in our lives. For that reason for the next 5 weeks I will be discussing these connections I have found. This week I would like to talk about corner posts. Continue reading “God and Fences 1…”