How Do We Respond…

Why do we give gifts this time of year?  It probably is a tradition which includes the Magi giving Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh.  This is not a bad tradition, in fact I very much like the tradition of giving gifts.  However, lately I have been struggling with the quid-pro-quo manners of Christmas.  Am I giving to people to receive?  After receiving a gift is it proper to give one back?  These questions can also reflect our attitude toward God as well.  Why do I worship?  Why do I tithe?  Why do I do good deeds?  Is it because God has already done something for me?  Is it so I can receive something from God?  Have you had this dilemma in your life? Continue reading “How Do We Respond…”

Charles Wesley: Hymns & Sacred Poems, 1749, II

For me Charles Wesley is my favorite poet. A lot of people have not read his hymns or poetry. Charles Wesley was the younger brother of John Wesley and they both founded the Methodist Movement within the Church of England in the 18th Century. My Wesleyan professor in seminary, Dr. Hal Knight, once commented that if you wanted encouragement for your faith you should talk to John Wesley, however if you needed pastoral care, someone to grieve with, someone to console you, go to Charles Wesley. Both Wesley brothers were essential for the Methodist Movement to grow as it did and does today. For that reason I will share some of his writings from time to time. Whenever I have been truly inspired. I hope you all like it and may it help you mature in your faith through the Holy Spirit. ENJOY… Continue reading “Charles Wesley: Hymns & Sacred Poems, 1749, II”