A Desire to Keep God’s Commandments…

For me it’s Friday and that means I celebrate Sabbath on this day. Since I am a pastor and my Sunday’s are fairly busy, I try my best to practice my Sabbath on Friday’s. I usually don’t answer my phone or look at emails or do any “church” business. Of course like all things I struggle doing this, but if it were a normal Sabbath I would watch a worship service online. I attend an online service on Friday’s along with my wife who is also a pastor and so we worship together on Friday’s. Now this blog is not about Sabbath, but I could write a lot on that topic. Actually, I want to talk about the Law or better the Commandments.

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Muttering Leads to Happiness

It’s been a while since I have blogged last. Nearly 3 years. Since that time this world has gone into chaos with Covid and a divided nation and now with my home denomination, the United Methodist Church, splitting at the seams. I have also gone through some rough times as well. I lost my oldest brother to Covid complications, and I have been moved to a new church. Needless to say, it has been a rough few years for me personally and for most of us. So I decided to write again. I think for most of us we all wonder what will truly bring us happiness. Our nation is at an all time high in cases of depression and it seems like there are not enough prescription drugs to help the cause. Maybe this is why so many people turn to alternative means to help their state of mind. So how do we help those who feel no sense of joy or happiness?

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The True Meaning of Christmas, According to the Wesleys — David F. Watson

This year we will likely hear (or preach ourselves) sermons on the “true meaning of Christmas.” If contemporary Protestantism holds true to form, in many cases this will mean exhortations to be kind, give of ourselves, and do unto others as we would have them do unto us. From a Wesleyan perspective, however, such interpretations of […]

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Wesley’s Caution about the “Three Simple Rules” — David F. Watson

When properly interpreted, the General Rules of the United Societies provide helpful guidance for the Christian life. According to these rules, one should: Do no harm. Do good. Attend upon all the ordinances of God. The first two of these are fairly self-explanatory. By the last, Wesley meant: The public worship of God The ministry of the […]

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What Happens on Wednesday? — David F. Watson

You don’t have to be a political pundit to predict a few things about Tuesday’s presidential election. Once the dust settles and we have a new president, some people will experience emotions that will range from relief to elation. Others will feel angry, disenfranchised, and perhaps even heartbroken. Facebook and Twitter will be buzzing with celebration, […]

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Lent Sermon 5…

12832295_992026304184349_3501621236393533043_nThis is my last sermon on Prayer for Lent. I hope you all have enjoyed this series as much as I have enjoyed preaching them. This last sermon is one of my favorites. Be blessed as you read it.

Prayer: The Ministry and Mission of Love – Luke 22:39-46

Is the world as it should be? Do you like the world that we have made? What would you change about it? Before I begin I just want to make sure that we are on the same page. The world is not how it should be. Fear grips our world and humanity that lives in it. Fear of the unknown. Fear of disaster. Fear of others. Fear of not being happy. Fear of not living to the fullest. Fear of death. Fear drives our way of life. Because of this fear we live our lives secluded and shut off from anything that we fear. We only let people in to our lives that we have tested and know they would not harm us. Even then, these people who have passed our tests might harm us on accident. Even though we trusted them once the trust is broken, the damage is done and the testing of trust starts all over. Read More

Trust ain’t easy…

The other day one of by Covenant Brothers texted me, “Why did God want to kill Moses?” I thought to myself, “that’s an interesting question.” Not only was that an interesting question, but I did not remember where that was. Of course my brother told me; Exodus 4:24. I read it and sure enough, God wanted to kill Moses. It almost floored me. I never thought that God wanted to kill Moses. I mean, IT’S MOSES!!! As the shock wore off I started to think about the passage and the story as it correlated with the rest of the chapter thinking that it would give me a good context for the passage. Problem! The story of God wanting to kill Moses comes out of left field. I mean God just gave Moses this huge mission of standing up to Pharaoh and rescuing Israel from Egypt and the next moment God wants to kill Moses. What do you do with that??? Read More

Who’s Alone???

This morning was not as good of a morning as I could have had. Yesterday I took Anna and Judah to the city by my self for doctor appointments. I did not get back home till 9:30 last night. On top of that Sunday night I could not sleep because my mind was to active so I was up till 2:00am. On top of that my lower back started hurting Sunday morning before Church. So this morning when my alarm went off at 5:30am, so that I could get dressed up to drive back to the City (3 hrs) to attend our quarterly clergy gathering in the Oklahoma United Methodist Conference, it was really hard to get up to say the least. Normally I love going to these clergy gatherings because I get to see clergy friends and generally the presentations are good, plus I get time to pray and spend quality time with God as I drive. It usually is a break from my normal schedule, but this morning it was a difficult drive. I felt tired, in pain, annoyed, uncomfortable, and worst of all lonely. With all the feelings that we experience, Lonely for me is the worst. Mostly because being lonely is a distortion of sadness. Lonely is caused by the sin in the world. We were never created to feel lonely because loneliness is a lie. For me, loneliness comes in my life when life hits me the hardest. Read More

What I Really Want…

“What would you do with 500 million dollars?” I believe that is the popular question this week. As the powerball lottery reaches its largest sum of over a billion dollars, many people are asking that question. I was asked that question multiple times. Of course I really don’t pay attention to that kind of stuff, but since someone brought it up in my sermon on Sunday I started thinking about it. That is a lot of money. Truly $100,000 would be ok for me. That would at least get me out of debt. But what would I do with $500 million or more. I wonder how many prayers have been prayed these past couple of weeks asking God to give them the correct numbers? A lot of people look to this opportunity for their lives to be changed. Those people have it right, that much money will change your life, but how? Read More

They’re Just Everywhere…

Last week as Christmas came to an end, we decided to take down our decorations. I really do not know which is worse, hanging the greens or taking them down. Now Jessica likes to decorate and every year Jessica is always sad when we have to take down the decorations. On the other hand I am just annoyed. It is sad in a certain way because it is the end of a great season, but annoyed because I have to lug down all the boxes and totes from storage and then put them back again, I guess that is my role in life. As we packed up the tree, because we have a fake one, every year the floor is covered in green pine needles. We have had both real and fake trees and the results are the same. So we vacuum the needles up. Now this was last week and yet those needles are just everywhere. It seems they multiply as they are vacuumed up. Every time I vacuum I find more and more needles. They’re just everywhere. Every time I find them I pick or vacuum them up. As I noticed this weird phenomenon I began to think about how we live our lives. Read More