God and Fences 3

When we went out and built fences we did not worry about the terrain. In fact it did not matter what the terrain looked like. No matter how the land moved up and down, or how rocky and soft it was we were going to build a fence. Of course Wade and I were the brute force of the team and Chub was the brains. Every post that we drove was done with a 50 pound post driver. We would stick the t-post into the ground and Chub would line it up with where the fence was going. Then we would place the post driver over the t-post and start pounding. You might think that two big men wielding a 50 pound post driver would have no problem driving in a t-post 2-3 feet. However you would be wrong. In eastern New Mexico we have this lovely soil/rock called caliche. Caliche is a hard sedimentary rock that is used to help bind other materials and rock together. It is really hard rock. Around my home town of Elida there is a huge strip of caliche next to the surface and to build anything takes a lot of work and effort. Continue reading “God and Fences 3”

Faith from the Author…

Today my 7 year old daughter, Anna, comes home from school very excited. She proceeds to tell us the reason. First she had a good day, which is great. Then she tells us that she got to testify to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As she told the story, a boy said that Jesus died on the cross and she turned around and said, “yeah, but He rose from the dead.” Earlier this week as I was putting my 3 year old son, Judah, to bed and he said, “Jesus loves you.” How amazing are children. Now it would be very easy for me to congratulate myself and Jessica for a job well done. However, the faith that my children have does not come from me, but is a gift from the Holy Spirit, given to us by Jesus Christ. Continue reading “Faith from the Author…”