Charles Wesley: Hymns & Sacred Poems, 1749, II

For me Charles Wesley is my favorite poet. A lot of people have not read his hymns or poetry. Charles Wesley was the younger brother of John Wesley and they both founded the Methodist Movement within the Church of England in the 18th Century. My Wesleyan professor in seminary, Dr. Hal Knight, once commented that if you wanted encouragement for your faith you should talk to John Wesley, however if you needed pastoral care, someone to grieve with, someone to console you, go to Charles Wesley. Both Wesley brothers were essential for the Methodist Movement to grow as it did and does today. For that reason I will share some of his writings from time to time. Whenever I have been truly inspired. I hope you all like it and may it help you mature in your faith through the Holy Spirit. ENJOY…

I will sing with the spirit; I will sing with the understanding also… 1 Corinthians 14:15

Jesus, thou soul of all our joys,
For whom we now lift up our voice,
And all our strength exert,
Vouchsafe the grace we humbly claim,
Compose into a thankful from,
And tune thy people’s heart.

While in the heavenly work we join,
Thy glory be our sole design,
Thy glory, not our own;
Still let us keep our end in view,
And still pleasing task pursue,
To please our God alone.

The secret pride, the subtle sin,
Oh, let it never more steal in,
T’offend thy glorious eyes,
To desecrate our hallowed strain,
And make our solemn service vain,
And mar our sacrifice.

To magnify thy awful name,
To spread the honors of the Lamb,
Let us our voices raise;
Our souls and bodies’ powers unite,
Regardless of our own delight,
And dead to human praise.

Still let us on our guard be found,
And watch against the power of sound
With sacred jealousy;
Lest haply sense should damp our zeal,
And music’s charms bewitch and steal
Our heart away from thee.

That hurrying strife far off remove,
That noisy burst of selfish love
Which swells the formal song;
The joy from out our heart arise,
And speak, and sparkle in our eyes,
And vibrate on our tongue.

The let us praise our common Lord,
And sweetly join with one accord
Thy goodness to proclaim;
Jesus, thyself in us reveal,
And all our faculties shall feel
Thy harmonizing name.

With calmly reverential joy,
Oh, let us all our lives employ
In setting forth thy love;
And raise in death our triumph higher,
And sing, with all the heavenly choir,
That endless song above.

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