Advent Patience…

As a child, it seemed like Christmas took forever to get here. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was some of the most exciting times in my life. The expectation of decorating the house, the tree, and for my life the church were all signs that Christmas was coming. This meant time off from school and of course presents. I am sure that all of us as children, once or twice, tried to sneak a peek at our gifts under the tree to see what we were getting. Christmas could not get here fast enough. However, no matter how much I prayed or wanted it to, Christmas would come when the time was right, no matter how long it took.

The Advent Season is a lot like this feeling we received as kids. The great expectation of something that is to come. Although, we are not waiting to open gifts, we are waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ. Not as a baby, but in full glory. This waiting is a gift we receive through our faith. It is also known as patience. Patience is a virtue during this time of year. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, the waiting in lines, the deals that only last a day, the cooking, the planning, and school activities this season can seem overwhelming. This is why patience is needed most during this time. Advent is a great way to practice patience.

Since Jesus has not returned yet, we need the gift of patience as we wait. It will be a great and terrible day when the Lord returns. Jesus will come in glory to make all things right. He will correct all the wrongs and sins of the world. It will be a time of reconciliation of enemies and families and most importantly it will be a reconciliation between heaven and earth. The damage that sin caused in God’s good creation will finally be done away with and the last enemy will be completely defeated; death itself. It is truly a day we can hope for with great expectation. But, it has not happened yet. So, we wait.

Christ is also waiting, but for a different reason. His waiting is for our benefit. As one of our Advent Scripture readings states, “Therefore, dear friends, while you are waiting for these things to happen, make every effort to be found by him in peace – pure and faultless. Consider the patience of our Lord to be salvation.” (2 Peter 3) We can see the value of patience. It can mean salvation for all. I hope you keep this in mind during the season; to be patience.

Show patience to people you meet, to other drivers, to store clerks and owners, and to your own family. By showing patience you might just show them the love of Christ which leads to salvation. Patience has the power to truly change people’s lives. In fact, it just might change your own life. As much as we want Christ to return or just for Christmas to hurry up and get here, remember to value the great expectation of the season that brings joy and gladness to our lives with patience. Happy Advent!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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