UMC General Confernece/The Prodigal Son

My dad told me once, that “God works with our decisions.” What an interesting concept, but an important one. In this one statement my dad expressed both the pain and the hope that comes with our choices. I bring this up because as a pastor in the United Methodist Church (UMC) I must consider the hard choices that are tearing the church apart. Continue reading “UMC General Confernece/The Prodigal Son”


Pulling Teeth…

Last week I had three wisdom teeth extracted. It was not fun. For those who have never had their wisdom teeth extracted I suggest to avoid it if at all possible. For a whole week I ran fever and my face was swollen. I did not get sick, but I am definitely sick of my mouth hurting. Of course my pain and decreased considerably, but I am still reminded of what happened every time I eat or drink. The weirdest thing I am getting used to is being able to fill the holes that were in my mouth with my tongue. I started thinking about this process and it reminds me of how God deals with the sin in our lives. My question I have for you is, have you allowed God to pull your teeth? Continue reading “Pulling Teeth…”

Thank You Mom…

There are some things about my mother Eileen Husted that you should know. All my life my mother has been a fairly large women with a very loud voice. She is someone who is not afraid to talk to anyone. And these days you can see her at her house in her home town watching grandkids or sharing her daily life with her sister who lives across the street. Like all kids I went through the stages of life with my mom. At one time she was only girl of my life, then other times she was my biggest embarrassment. No matter how I felt about my mom, most people like her. She has that kinda personality. I am sure most of you who are reading this can apply the same feelings toward your mother, at least I hope so. Continue reading “Thank You Mom…”