What’s wrong with routine…

This morning as I was getting ready I began to think about my daily routines. If I had it my way I would probably do the some thing every day in a certain order. I feel most comfortable with my routine I do every morning, at least I used to. Nothing changes your daily routine like having children. The routine you had before children is completely thrown out the window once you decide to have a child. Jessica and I were both blessed with two children at one time. Anna and Judah came into our lives in 2013 and since then our lives have been forever changed. Not only was my personal routine disrupted, but our married routine was uprooted. Jessica and I had been married for 8 years before we decided to become foster parents. But, we have children now and have developed new routines. All this got me thinking, is there a problem living in a routine. Some people can’t stand doing the same thing every day. What those people do not understand that even they live in a certain routine, even if it is the routine of not doing the same thing every day. I believe we were created with a sense of routines being a normal thing. I think we are “creatures of habits.” Maybe that is why I like being a Methodist.

John and Charles Wesley, along with the rest of the Holy Club, believed that they should live their lives in such a way to grow closer to the LORD. They felt that a consistent way of living would help them accomplish their goals of growing in holiness and bringing glory to God. They lived by a certain method or routine and kept each other accountable to this weekly schedule. Apparently it worked and was very appealing, because from this Holy Club of around 6 people came a movement in the 1700’s known as Methodism which continues today. Maybe that is the key to our routines, having a goal. I hear a lot of people compline about routines. In fact they say that routines become living in ruts and nobody wants to live in ruts. Consider this, if the goals drive your routines then maybe routines are not the problem, but the goals. John Wesley believed that everything we do should bring glory to God. So he lived constantly trying to do this. What desires drive your lives? Do your desires drive your daily routines?

This reminds me of the time Jesus’ disciples asked him how we should pray. Luke 11 speaks about the LORD’s prayer and the persistence of prayer. Jesus taught His disciples to pray like this, “Father, hollowed be your name. Your kingdom come. Give us each day our daily bread. And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone indebted to us. And do not bring us to the time of trial.” Personally I prefer this prayer as presented in Matthew 6 (I hope you look that up). Anyway, Jesus gave His disciples a consistent way to pray so that they could grow closer to God. If your goal is to know and communicate with God better, prayer would be an obvious routine to start. My desire is to grow in the love of God that has been revealed to us in Jesus Christ. This goal drives my life and with it I have certain routines to help me in that goal. While I am living in these routines of life God brings me joy. Maybe the routines in our lives become ruts because our goals have lost their meaning. What is great about God is that if your desire is to know and love Him, He has created us with the sense of routine in our lives to help that goal. So what’s wrong with routines???

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